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Our History

     Ravena Coeymans Yacht Club was founded in the spring of 1955.  

The Yacht Club's success has been due entirely to the dedication

of its members and their families.  

Its future will be governed by this same dedication.

     The land, for the club, was purchased from the Knaust Brothers in 1956. At that time access to the property stopped at the "Stone House." Through the years Onesquethaw Creek has changed our club site from an island to a peninsula firmly attached to the mainland.

    The original island had been used for ice farming.  Reminders of this industry still exist in the form of foundations for ice houses located on various portions of the property.

     Ravena Coeymans Yacht Club was started by a group of local boaters residing in and around the Town of Ravena.  The original founders included Richard Hotaling (Ravena Coeymans Boat Club's first Commodore) Asa Boomer, William Cronan, Steve Day, Gerry Finke, Staats Hotaling, Ken Irwin, Cliff Lawson, Bill Lyons and Barl Whitbeck.

     In the first year of existence an 8' x 12' dock was constructed and made available to its members. There were four boats moored in the basin. The docks and launch ramp we have today were started in June of '65 and have been continually updated and expanded by the membership.  



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