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Universal Wm8650 Uberoid V13 Latest




.3 kernel module is now out, let me tell you. it is the driver that should be used for ubering the uber nodes. so far, i have tested this on my own nodes (simple) and on public nodes (also simple), and the results are quite similar. but the compatibility should be better on public nodes. The reason why uber is still unknown to the community is because it is closed-source and proprietary. in the last weeks i have developed a bit of knowledge and empathy for the people behind this driver and now the time has come to open this driver to the community. i think uber is stable enough to be published and i think most people are interested in uber nodes and so it would be a good thing to bring this driver to the community. i have access to a pre-uber node and i will give the kernel module to some more people to test it on their own uber nodes, you can find my email address in my post. i would like to ask the community to test this driver, because i am running it on my own node right now and my conclusion is that this is a great driver. i know there are people who know much more about the uber driver than me and i will appreciate if you could review my post to tell me what you think. I am willing to give this kernel module to those interested in testing. You may email me. The UW has had more WMC, and thus I have had more time to use it. It is possible, but not likely, that someone else has also put a UW kernel on this node. Thus, it is possible that he has different ports. The simplest is to try the Uber node. If he is running the Uber node, he may have provided his key to you via PM. In that case, email him, and ask him for his port. If not, you need to ask the person who installed the Uber node. The main problem with Uber is that it is closed source. Thus, no one really knows what the driver does, and what it does wrong. You can't even compile Uber yourself to see what it does. You can't even compare it to what you have compiled yourself. All of this makes it difficult to learn, and it limits the community. Thus, I would argue that the UW node, with the Uber driver, is not the best option. BTW, if I read your post correctly, you have quite a



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Universal Wm8650 Uberoid V13 Latest

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